Do You Need to Go Places? Do You Need a Ride?

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Venango County Offers You Transportation for:

  • Medical Appointments
  • WIC Appointments
  • Social Service Agency Visits
  • Grocery Shopping
  • Miscellaneous Needs
  • Senior Center Activities

Applications must be made in advance of providing transportation service.  Once your eligibility is determined, you are required to give a minimum of two (2) working days’ notice.

The Venango County Transportation Office (VCTO), provides three basic types of Transportation services including:

Both the Share-Ride and Fixed Route Programs are available to the general public as well as agency-sponsored passengers.  Exclusive or Premium services are limited to agency clientele only.

Depending on your age, household income, or if you are disabled, you may qualify for free or reduced fare services on these programs.  Accessible vehicles are available for persons with limited mobility.

Vehicles travel throughout the County on a daily basis and we encourage you to call the VCTO for general information on all programs, times, days of service, fare information and eligibility for  free or reduced fare services.

Venango County Transportation Programs Are Funded By:

PA Department of Transportation

Act 44
Federal Section 5311

PA Department of Public Welfare

Medical Assistance Transportation Program
Human Services Development Fund

PA Department of Community and Economic Development:

Community Services Block Grant

Local Funds:

Venango County General Fund
Venango County Area Agency on Aging
Venango County Mental Health and Developmental Services