Housing Department

The housing department provides many programs and services for Venango County residents. They can assist with minor home modifications, rent assistance, shelter, and emergency solutions grants. The Department of Energy annually determines the crisis season which typically runs from November through April. The housing department also assist residents with furnace repairs to ensure they have a properly running heating source.

This program is intended for households that lose their primary heat source due to furnace malfunction. Individuals/families must live in Venango County and have an annual income at or below 150% of the Federal poverty level. Crisis season runs from November to April each year. Venango County receives all referrals for this program directly from the County Assistance Office. For additional information please call (814) 437-4741.

Chore:Light carpentry repair with an emphasis on health and safety. Must be open with Human Services with the exception of families with children, but must be approved by CYS Supervisor. Please contact your assigned Service Coordinator.

Rental Assistance : (HAP) Housing Assistance Various Programs are available for this type of assistance with varying requirements.
Eligible uses: range from first month rent with minimal requirements such as poverty levels, to additional assistance programs where the client receives additional assistance, but involves developing a family plan/goal. For eligibility guidelines, please contact (814) 432-9773.

Emergency Shelter: (VTECH)-Venango Temporary Emergency County Housing
Programs eligible use: temporary or emergency short term shelter for the Homeless. VTECH lodging is provided through Sugar Valley Lodge and applicants must have an open case through Human Services Please contact (814) 432-9100 for additional information.

Elk Street Shelter:
Shelter for homeless families. Maximum of six week stay coordinated through Protective Intake Crisis Unit (PICU) at Human Services
Contact  (814) 432-9100

Shelter Plus Care:
Rental assistance for those with a mental, physical or substance abuse disability. Families or individuals must be homeless and consumer will pay 30% of their income to rent.
More information is available by calling (814) 432-9773.

Emergency Solutions Grant
Rental, utility, security deposit assistance. Life skills coaching.
Please contact (814) 432-9773 for eligibility requirements.


Other Community Supports:
Community Services of Venango County
Community Services manages a Permanent Supportive Housing Program (SHP). Click the link below to find out more.

***If you  do not qualify for our programs, you can refer below for additional home repair programs: ***

USDA Grant:
For residents ages 60 or older, to be used for repairs, up to $7500 grant.

USDA Loan:
For under 60, for repairs, 1% or 2% loans
226 Donohoe Road, Suite 201 ,
Greensburg, PA 15601
(724) 853-5555



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