Happy Thanksgiving To All

Below is a listing of Thanksgiving dinners available in the county:

Saturday, Nov. 18
Friends for Food Distribution

    Rocky Grove Fire Hall
    29 Shuffstall Street, Franklin
    8 to 11 a.m.
    Proof of residency required
    Free and open to the public

    Pre-Thanksgiving Dinner
    St Patrick’s School in Cenedella Hall
    Buffalo Street, Franklin
    11 a.m. to 1 p.m.
    Pre-register with church office at 437-5763

Wednesday, Nov. 22
Hot Thanksgiving meal

    Oil City Salvation Army
    217 Sycamore Street
    Noon to 1 p.m.
    Free and open to the public

Thanksgiving Day
Hot Thanksgiving meal

    Franklin Salvation Army
    737 Elk St, Franklin
    Take-out also available and delivery available for shut-ins
    Noon – 2 pm
    Free and open to public

    Hot Thanksgiving meal
    Calvary Temple Church
    14 Harriott Ave., Oil City
    Noon to 3 p.m.
    Free and open to public

    Home-delivered Thanksgiving dinner
    For senior citizens or homebound residents
    Sponsored by Good Hope/Zion Lutheran Ministry
    Must call 676-9122 for reservations by November 20
    Delivery area includes Oil City, Seneca-Cranberry area




Venango County Human Services Mission
“To assure the safety of our customers,
To preserve their families,
And to enhance the quality of their lives.”


Who Are We?

Venango County Human Services is a branch of county government that is managed by the Venango County Commissioners. It is directed by a Human Services Administrator who works with categorical and system directors and managers to ensure that a comprehensive continuum of high quality services is available to qualifying residents of Venango County.

Venango County is among the 30 counties in the Commonwealth that are part of the Human Services Block Grant. This grant serves as the catalyst for the overall redesign of the Human Service operations. While the county continues to work within the regulatory parameters of the traditional categorical systems our focus is to move away from disability-oriented systems of care to a structure based on Life Stages. The stages include: Children and Families; Emerging Adults; Adults; and Older Adults.

Our Focus

Our shift in focus to Life Stages supported the delivery of integrated service coordination and aided us in the development of partnerships with non-traditional providers like community supports, the faith community, businesses, and more. Monitoring for service providers, evaluation, and quality improvement are all based on the Life Stage orientation as well. The main purpose of this change was to ensure individuals and families are safe and secure in the lease restrictive setting. Through our successful integration, we have enabled county residents to heal, grow, and recover by receiving services that are demonstrated to be appropriate, cost effective, accessible, and that meet an assessed need.

One of the biggest changes to the Venango County Human Service operations was the institution of the Protective, Intake and Crisis Response Unit (PIC Unit). This one-door unit carries out all intake processes for all county-funded services. Their responsibilities include but are not limited to: investigation of all allegations child and older adult abuse reports; mental health interventions; all crisis situations; and more.

Community Support

Venango County Human Services directly manages the categorical systems that offer services for: Older Adults, Children and Youth, Mental Health and Development, Substance Abuse, and a variety of programs collectively managed by our Community Supports Services team (CSS).  We also partner with Mercer and Crawford counties to directly manage the HealthChoices Program, under the auspices of the North West Behavioral Health Partnership, offering behavioral health services collaboratively between the three counties. Venango County contracts with a large number of community service organizations to provide prevention and treatment assistance to county residents.

About this Website

This website is designed to serve as a resource/reference guide for the services and supports that are available within Venango County.  The information is organized by Life Stages that include: Children and Families; Emerging Adults; Adults, and Older Adults.  Drop down boxes further categorize the services from prevention level services (drop-in centers) to very high levels of support (inpatient care).  The higher the level of service is rated, the more likely that medical necessity or other qualifying criteria must be met in order for the services to be accessed.  In addition to listing the services that are available by Life Stage, additional information is provided regarding Community Support Services, Housing Services and Transportation supports.

Department Contacts

Human Services Administrator – Kim Woods kswoods@co.venango.pa.us

Deputy Human Service Administrator – Systems – Marie Plumer mplumer@co.venango.pa.us

Deputy Human Service Administrator – Service – Amie Wood-Wessell awood@co.venango.pa.us

Children & Family Community Services – Diane Weckerly dweckerly@co.venango.pa.us

Children & Family System of Care – Luann Hartman lhartman@co.venango.pa.us

Children & Family Service Coordination In House Services– Courtney Hartle chartle@co.venango.pa.us

Clinical Manager – Traci Kaufman tkaufman@co.venango.pa.us

Adult & Emerging Adults System of Care – Kim Woodskswoods@co.venango.pa.us

Adults & Emerging Adults Community Servicse – Marie Plumer mplumer@co.venango.pa.us

Adult & Emerging Adults Service Coordination – Kim Woodskswoods@co.venango.pa.us

Older Adult System of Care – Michelle Tarr mtarr@co.venango.pa.us

Protective, Intake and Crisis Unit – Jake McVay jmcvay@co.venango.pa.us

ID Administrative Entity – Amy Aikins aaikins@co.venango.pa.us

Quality Assurance/HIPAA Compliance – Kay Koyack kkoyack@co.venango.pa.us

Housing Unit Manager – Pat Owoc powoc@co.venango.pa.us

Resource Communication Officer – Loni Beer lbeer@co.venango.pa.us

Categorical Contacts:

Older Adults Service – Michelle Tarr mtarr@co.venango.pa
Children and Youth Services – Luann Hartman lhartman@co.venango.pa.us
Community Supports Services – Kit Woods kwoods@co.venango.pa.us
Mental Health/Developmental Services – Kim Woodskswoods@co.venango.pa.us
Substance Abuse Services – Marie Plumer mplumer@co.venango.pa.us





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